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Innovative, educational and fun programs that will further enhance your child.

AfterSchool Classé is the first nationally accredited school program in Atlanta Public Schools (National After School Association). AfterSchool Classé believes that a vital component of education is to develop the “Whole Child”. Our program promotes activities to stimulate, motivate, encourage and empower your child’s talents and potential.

Our After School programs provide an environment to improve student achievements and enhance reading and math skills, through stimulating activities and challenging games. We assist students in developing social skills to create positive values for themselves and their peers. These programs are in a safe and nurturing environment where students can explore their creativity and physical fitness abilities. It is our commitment to the community to encourage leadership skills and cultural awareness to our students which will promote success for all. Some programs are:

  • Homework Assistance
  • STEAM - explore science, technology, engineering, art, and math activities 
  • Cultural awareness activities
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