"My children were able to meet and spend time with many other children. This ability for socialization was very important as new members of our community. AfterSchool Classe’ is a place of consistency which is so important for children in an after school environment.”  

"The AfterSchool Program is great! I know my daughter is attending a program she loves, and it is very convenient to have it available right at Springdale Park School.  You provide a variety of quality activities every week. And the enrichment programs, like karate and music, are a great service to working parents.  The staff truly cares for each and every child.   A special thanks to them.  They are what make this Program great!"   

"My sons are learning about goals, discipline, achieving, responsibility and most importantly respect for themselves and others."  

“I feel so privileged to have found AfterSchool Classe’ Program. As most parents are, I was terribly choosy about what would be the right fit for our son. I never thought that an after school program could matter so much. AfterSchool Classe’ Program is a dream come true. The staff has high quality professionals with attention to child developmental and well-informed in practices for helping children reach their fullest potential. Finally, his homework is being done and supervised to ensure on track with lessons assigned from teachers. We are fortunate and happy to be part of the AfterSchool Classe’ family.”  

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